Financial Planning is More Than Investing


It is time to eliminate the “Junk Drawer” of financial products and create a financial plan that coordinates your assets to maximize your life, taxes, and investment efficiencies.

No Matter Your Situation, We’re Here to Guide You

  • For Locum Tenens & Health Care Providers

    We help Physicians & Locum Tenens medical professionals how to potentially retire 5-10 years earlier, without continuing to burn themselves out. We help efficiently grow their assets and lessen their tax burdens at retirement.

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  • For Divorcees & Widows

    When life does not go as planned, we can help put the financial pieces back together to give your future the stability it needs.

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  • For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

    Business owners need to be able to adapt to every situation that comes their way. We provide the help needed for them to plan for their futures while protecting their livelihood and business.

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At our firm, we have the client, and only the client, in mind.

No one strategy fits everyone, which is why you can expect our undivided attention in customizing a financial plan that fits your specific situation—from drafting the blueprint to execution and follow-up. We take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy that addresses your financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available.